Career and Academic Planning Services (CAPS)

The Career and Academic Planning Services (CAPS) Center provides a comfortable environment where students can find answers for their academic questions and concerns.     

CAPS began in the summer of 2007.  The Center was created to help Carteret Community College students in their first semester through the process of determining areas of interest and possible majors, to actual course selection and registration. In addition the Center’s staff helps students who hope to transfer from CCC to four year institutions.  Staff members also offer interest inventories and job information to students who are considering their future employment opportunities.  CAPS invites students to call for an appointment any time and looks forward to helping them find answers.

All first-time college students are required to make an appointment with our CAPS staff to evaluate program of study/major choice, review placement tests, and register for first semester courses. 

We Provide

Student Advising


Q.  I got a letter from Admissions telling me to come to CAPS.  Is that right?

A.  You do need to come to CAPS, but only AFTER you have taken the Placement Tests.  CAPS needs those scores to ensure you will register for the correct courses.


Q.  I don’t know what I want to major in.  Can you help me?

A.  We can help with those choices in a number of ways, through both listening to you talk about what you enjoy doing and through interest inventories and personality tests.


Q.  How can I make sure that the classes I take at CCC will transfer to another school?

A.  CAPS has a complete listing of all articulated course equivalencies for the entire North Carolina Community College system.  It also has a listing of transfer courses for many four year schools and regularly hosts visits of representatives from nearby four year colleges.

For more information on the CAPS Center, or to make an appointment, contact them at:

CAPS (Career and Academic Planning Services) Center
H.J. McGee, Jr. Building, Room119
Phone: (252) 222-6060

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