Preparation Can Save You Time and Money

While placement tests do not determine if you are admitted to Carteret Community College, they do determine whether or not you can take college-level courses, or if you need to complete college-prep (pre-curriculum) review courses before taking college-level coursework. Preparing yourself for the placement test, by reviewing and taking practice tests, can save you lots of time and money. Based on your placement scores, there are up to 1 level each of Computer Literacy and Keyboarding, up to 2 levels of Writing & Reading (English) review, and up to 4 levels of Math review.

Each college-prep review course you place into will cost you extra time and money to complete. Please look at the chart below to see the time and money required for each pre-curriculum course at Carteret:

Course Length of Course In-State Tuition Out of State Tuition
Computer Literacy -
CIS 070
One Semester $50.00 $241.30
Keyboarding -
OST 080
One Semester $100.00 $482.60
English -
ENG 085/085A
One Semester $300.00 $723.90
English -
ENG 095/095A
One Semester $300.00 $723.90
Math - MAT 050 One Semester $200.00 $965.20
Math - MAT 060 One Semester $200.00 $965.20
Math - MAT 070 One Semester $200.00 $965.20
Math - MAT 080 One Semester $200.00 $965.20

There are 3 semesters each year, Fall semester (August-December), Spring semester (January-May), and Summer semester (May-July). For example, if you needed to take Computerl Literacy 070, English 095/095A, and Math 070, it would take you one semester to complete the courses, and cost $550 for in-state students, or $1,930.40 for out-of-state students. If you needed to complete all 4 levels of Math, it would take you one year and one semester, and cost $800.00 for in-state students, or $3,680.60 for out-of-state students. Save yourself time and money, practice and review before you take your placement test.

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