Topic Selection

We began by forming a QEP Discovery Committee in December 2015.

The discovery committee met to discuss formulating a process that will be used to determine a topic for our 2019-2020 reaffirmation process. The initial selection began with a broad survey to get input from all employees, students, Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, and curriculum lay advisory members (from the community). After the initial survey, focus groups were held to narrow down and select a final topic for a proposal.


Committee Members

Member Committee Position Title
Mary Walton Co-Chair Director, Instructional Technology & Distance Learning
Rebecca Stimpson Co-Chair Medical Office Administration & Healthcare Business Informatics, Faculty, Assessment Coordinator
Member Dean, Student Services
Mary Clark Member Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Allen Brooks Member Math, Faculty
Kay Tosto Member Associate Degree Nursing, Faculty
James Blalock Member Information Systems Technology, Faculty
Eva Earles Member Reference & Instruction Librarian



December 2015—Formed QEP Discovery Committee

January 2016—Approved timeline and administered initial survey

February 2016—Data analysis and identification of patterns and themes

March-May 2016—Focus groups to narrow and define a broad QEP topic

August-December 2016—Form workgroup based on broad topic to narrow and specifically define QEP topic and how the topic will be assessed