Academic Excellence Award

Meet Bianca Hill, our 2018 Academic Excellence winner! The paralegal student is full of drive and ambition. Just ask her instructor.
“Bianca is an extraordinary example of the type of student who should be awarded the Academic Excellence Award,” said Susan McIntyre, Bianca’s paralegal instructor.
“She has adapted and overcome hardship and adversity. She has worked hard and postponed her dreams, but she still dreams.”
Academic Excellence Award Winner 2018
While her dreams are currently coming true here at Carteret Community College, those dreams are only the beginning.
“I have made the decision that, after completing my paralegal degree in May, I want to complete my bachelor’s degree and apply to Wake Forest University,” said Bianca. “Attending CCC has formed my life and the instructors there have had such a significant effect on me, in particularly Susan McIntyre. She has made me see that I can still carry out my goals and become an attorney, and that education doesn’t have a time limit. I have succeeded and failed, but I never gave up and I will never give up. When I walk into a classroom, I give it my all. 110%, because I know my strength but also, I know who I am, what I aspire to be and no one or no obstacle can come in between that. With focus, ambition, sacrifice and the Lord by my side, anything is possible!”

When she graduated high school, Bianca was accepted to Wake Forest University. Even with the help of financial aid and scholarships her dreams to attend that school were postponed for financial reasons. After she graduates from Carteret Community College she will have that second chance. And with her focus, there’s no telling what she will accomplish.

“Bianca is a special student,” says Susan McIntyre. “In addition to being very bright, she is always a ray of sunshine in class.”

Susan nominated Bianca for the North Carolina Community College System’s 2018 Academic Excellence Award. One student is chosen for each of the state’s 58 community colleges.

Congratulations Bianca!