Archive of General Catalogs and Student Handbooks

The General College Catalog and the Student Handbook are useful resources and provide information about Carteret Community College’s policies and procedures concerning student behavior, as well as resources available to students. We archive and keep these catalog public for three years.

For any questions or issues, please contact Student Services at (252) 222-6021 or email

The files below are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader software.

2016-2017 General College Catalog – Online Edition

Chapter 1 – The College
Chapter 2 – Admissions
Chapter 3 – Academic Information
Chapter 4 – Tuition Fees Costs
Chapter 5 – Educational Support Services
Chapter 6 – Student Enrollment Services
Chapter 7 – Corporate Community Education Division
Chapter 8 – Campus Regulations
Chapter 9 – Student Conduct
Chapter 10 – Programs of Study, Course Prefix Identification, and Descriptions
Chapter 11 – General Education Electives List
Chapter 12 – Administration Staff Faculty

Archived Versions of the General College Catalog Online Edition

Revised General Catalog Online Edition 2015-2016

Archived Versions of the Student Handbook Online Edition

2016 – 2017 Student Handbook
2015 – 2016 Student Handbook

Archived Course Catalog

2016-2017 Course Catalog