Photographic Technology – Commercial Photography Certificate

Representing Photography ProgramsThe Photographic Technology curriculum offers training in photographic techniques and their application in professional photographic disciplines.
Special emphasis is placed on developing skills in the following areas: fundamentals of camera systems, lighting, photographic process, digital imaging, design, and business practices.

Graduates should qualify for entry level jobs in the diverse photographic industry. Employment opportunities exist in the following areas: commercial, photojournalism, biomedical, portrait, equipment sales, photographic laboratories, and imaging technologies; dependent upon courses offered and completed.

Program Learning Outcomes

P1: Photographic Skills
The student will demonstrate effective use of camera mechanics.

P2: Basic Lighting
The student will demonstrate the ability to identify and apply basic lighting techniques.

P3: Digital Image Manipulation
The student will demonstrate an understanding of methods of digital image manipulation to create various visual effects in their image creation process.

The world is changing and the CCC Photography Program is working hard to address and teach new technological advances, making students ready for changes being implemented in business and industry.

Program Check Sheet
Admission Requirements


Scott Taylor