Continuing Education Classes – Public Safety, Fire and EMS

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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Initial Education Course Basic Telecommunication Certification
Detention Officer CertificationNational Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)
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Through the Public Safety, Fire and EMS programs, we deliver training in the areas of Emergency Medical Services, Fire and Rescue Services, and Law Enforcement. Students are able to obtain certifications that lead to initial employment or advancement.

Students may qualify for tuition waiver based on affiliation with an authorized volunteer, municipal, county, or State organization. All courses must support the organizations’ training needs.


Emergency Medical Services

The Emergency Medical Service Program provides certification in CPR, First Aid, EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and Paramedic. Continuing Education is available to rescue squads, EMS services, fire departments, and other qualified agencies. Fee-based classes in this program are available to interested citizens, businesses, industries, and church groups. Classes are held on campus, and throughout the county.
Terry Wadsley, EMS Program Coordinator
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Fire and Rescue Training

With many talented fire and rescue personnel, highly capable fire departments, and so much interest to start a career in the fire service, there is a need for quality continuing education in Carteret County. Carteret Community College is here to meet the education demands in the area and fulfill certification and non-certification training requests to ensure proper readiness of public safety. Carteret Community Colleges’ fire-rescue training programs cover NC Firefighter, Technical Rescuer Specialty Courses to include Confined Space, Trench, Structural Collapse, Water Rescue, Ropes, Vehicle Rescue, and others. The college also prides itself on a comprehensive program covering all aspects of firefighting in 18 weeks in the Crystal Coast Fire Academy. While practical heavy courses are provided and necessary, there is also a wealth of lecture courses provided to aid the firefighter in advancement within their workplace such as Fire Officer, Fire Instructor, and Fire Life Safety Educator just to name a few. National Fire Academy curriculum brings with it a wealth of information and numerous years of research and several classes are provided from this as well, such as the Leadership Series, Strategies and Tactics, among others.
Kevin White, Fire & Rescue Training Coordinator
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Law Enforcement Training

The Law Enforcement Training Programs are designed to train and improve personnel in basic and advanced law enforcement, detention officer, and 911 Telecommunicators. An extended effort is made to work with the various law enforcement departments throughout Carteret County. We work to meet the training needs and desires of law enforcement within Carteret County using certified state, local and contracted instructors.
A.K. Miller, Law Enforcement Coordinator
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