Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – Initial Education *Web Supported

Designed to train individuals to become emergency medical personnel, this course teaches patient assessment and basic life support techniques including airway management and CPR; hemorrhage control; oxygen administration; shock; bandaging and splinting; skull, spine, and chest injuries; child birthing; exposure to cold and heat; and transferring patients to medical facilities.

Admission requirements:

1.   A mandatory orientation will be held for this course.
Failure to attend the orientation session will void your acceptance into the program.

2.  Applicants must obtain a program packet.

3.  Computer with internet access.

Text books can be purchased from the Carteret Community College Bookstore or contact 252-222-6252. Affiliated students may receive a registration fee waiver with a letter of affiliation from a qualified department. Additional costs for uniform and immunizations and health screenings will apply.

The EMS Program at Carteret Community College (CCC) is accredited by the N.C. Office of EMS and is approved by the N.C. Community College System to offer EMS education courses. The CCC EMT-Initial program meets the current standards of the NC OEMS and 2009 DOT/NHTSA national education standards EMT curriculum. The program is structured into one semester. Classroom and laboratory instruction is reinforced through field experience on an ambulance.

Course Fee: $180 (fee waived for Fire/Rescue Personnel)–Card Fee: $4–Insurance Fee: $0.55–Book Fee: $138

Need more information? Contact the Public Safety Coordinator at whitek@carteret.edu or 252-222-6201 for next course date or call CCED at 252-222-6200.