Construction Trades

Blueprint Reading for Construction
This course introduces the basic principles of blueprint reading. Topics include line types, orthographic projections, dimensioning methods, and notes. Upon completion, students should be able to interpret basic blueprints and visualize the features of a part.
Course Fee: $180–Book Fee: TBA
05-29-2019     M/W       6 – 9 pm, 17 sessions, Martec Bldg., Rm. 101


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This hands-on course provides basic carpentry skills including hand tools, plans, specifications and codes, slab foundation, floor framing, wall and ceiling framing, exterior finishing, roof framing, stair construction and wall unit construction. This course gives students an introduction to the skill and knowledge base typically required for apprentice carpenters.
Course Fee: $180–Insurance Fee: $0.55–Book Fee: none


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Questions? Contact Rick McCormac at or 252-222-6203 for more information.