Community College
Name: Hetty Wallace
Job Title Emergency Medicine Services, CAC
Area/Areas: Emergency Medical Science
Telephone Number: (252) 222-6082
E-mail Address:
Office Hours: Monday - 1pm - 4pm
Wednesday - 1pm - 4pm
Location: Building: Wayne West
Suite: 137
Room: 141
Floor: 1
Credentials: EMT - Paramedic
AAS Emergency Medical Science
NC EMS Instructor
AHA CPR / First Aid Instructor
AHA ACLS Instructor
BTLS Instructor
AMLS Instructor
Biography: I have been involved in EMS for almost twenty years. I am a credentialed Paramedic in the state of NC. I am also close to being a certified Firefighter level II. I am currenty taking rescue technichian classes. I have obtained my AAS in Emergency Medical Science through Carteret Community College and will be pursuing my Bachelors in Emergency Medical Science Pre-med in the fall of this year from Western Carolina University. I enjoy the teaching aspect of EMS because I can touch so many more lives by teaching my students the values and tradition of Emergency Medical Science. I suceed when they suceed.