Carteret Community College Library – Policies

Cell Phone Use
Please turn off cell phones or set ringer to vibrate before entering the Library. All received calls must be taken outside of the library.
The Library is a quiet area. Please be considerate of others–no loud talking, singing, whistling, use of profane language or disruptive behavior. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at all times by an adult while on campus or in the Library per College policy.
Food & Drink
Please dispose of open food or drink before entering the Library. Please do not place drink containers of any kind on computer desks or take into the book stacks.
E-mail and Internet searching are not guaranteed to be private in a public environment. Please ask library staff regarding any privacy concerns before transmitting personal information.
Internet Access Policy
Computers in the library are intended to provide access to the library catalog, electronic library resources, the Internet, and Microsoft Office applications. They may be used to search for information, research paper topics, and explore personal interests within the guidelines of the college’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy. The purpose of the Library Internet and Computer Use Policy is to enhance and support the Mission of Carteret Community College. All students, faculty, staff and public patrons are responsible for using CCC’s Internet resources in an effective, ethical and lawful manner.