Grade Point Average (GPA) Computation

To compute the grade point average (GPA), the semester hours attempted are multiplied by the quality point value of the grade. The result is the total quality points earned for that course. Dividing the total quality points by the total hours attempted equals the GPA. "WD", "P", and "AU" grades carry no quality point value and do not affect the GPA. The example listed below shows how the grade point average is calculated for a semester.

Course Grade Semester Hours Attempted
Quality Point Value
Quality Points

ACA 115 A 1 X 4 = 4
ACC120 B 4 X 3 = 12
ENG 111 C 3 X 2 = 6
BUS 110 D 3 X 1 = 3
BUS 135 F 3 X 0 = 0
CIS 110


Divide the total quality points by the total semester hours attempted: 25 divided by 17 = 1.470 GPA

A Grade Point Average of 2.00 is equivalent to a "C" average at Carteret Community College. The grade of "D" or "F" shown above may not transfer to a senior institution. "D" and "F" grades are not allowed in the general education core of the university transfer programs. 

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