Adult High School Transcripts

High School transcripts are provided by Basic Skills.  For more information contact Basic Skills at 252-222-6212 or 252-222-6195.

Continuing Education Transcripts (for interest courses, not awarded college credit)

To request your continuing education transcript obtain the Continuing Education Transcript Request form  and call 222-6200 for information on how to submit.



High School Equivalency (formerly GED)

2014-Current Test Completers

When students pass the 2014 test, GED Testing Service emails students their electronic diploma and transcript free of charge.  The 2014 tester has the option of ordering a professionally printed North Carolina GED diploma which is also free of charge.  Duplicate transcript and diploma requrests will cost $15.00.  Students log onto their account for subsequent requests and may forward their electronic transcripts to prospective employers, colleges or universities if they desire.  Most requests will be fulfilled within a span of two hours to three days.

2002-2013 Test Completers

Test Takers will need to sign in to GED Credentialing to securely order duplicate transcripts, verifications or diplomas.  GED Credentialing will emial the transcript/diploma which then may be forwarded to propective employers, colleges or universities.  Users will be charged $15.00 for each digital or paper copy of an official GED transcript, verification or copy of an official North Carllina GED diploma.  Most requests will be fulfilled within a span of two hours to three days.

1942-2001 Test Completers

NCCCS will continue to fulfill requests for the years 1942-2001 at no charge.  Please go to to download request forms. 

Curriculum Transcripts

The Office of the Registrar provides official and unofficial transcripts upon authorization from the student.



Unofficial copies are provided at no charge.  Use the Academic Information Request form.
Send completed request via  email to, fax or bring it to the McGee Building on campus for same day service.




  Carteret Community has authorized Parchment Exchange to provide all official Curriculum transcripts. (Fees are determined by Parchment.)

Transcript requests will not be processed, under any circumstance, for students who have any outstanding indebtedness to the College.

  • For Employment at Carteret Community College


Currently the Human Resources area only accepts physical copies of transcripts.  If you are obtaining your Carteret Community College transcript to apply

for a position at Carteret Community College you must indicate that the transcript is to be mailed ATTN: Human Resources when ordering.


New to Parchment Exchange? - Creating an Account: 

  1. Go to the Carteret Community College link in Parchment Exchange.
  2. Click on the SIGN UP NOW.
  3. Enter your identifying information and click SIGN UP.
  4. Select CARTERET COMMUNITY COLLEGE as the school attended.
  5. Order your transcript to be sent to another school, any other location, or yourself.
    (Be sure to check your email junk folder if you do not see the email confirmation).

Already have a Parchment account? - Using your Account: 

  1. Go to the Log in to Carteret Community Colleges Parchment link below.
  2. Click on SIGN IN.
  3. Enter your email address or username and your Parchment Exchange password and click SIGN IN again.
  4. Follow the instructions for selecting colleges you want to send transcripts to. 
    For other organizations, such as scholarship providers, or to have transcripts sent to
    yourself click the link under "Select Other Destinations" or "NCAA" and enter the
    information requested.
NOTE:  you may click on the Order Status tab within your Parchment account to view the current status of any curriculum transcript you have already ordered.  You will also receive emails confirming the progress of your transcript requests at each step in the process.
 **If you have any problems during the registration or ordering process please go to - click on Support at the bottom of the page and then continue to My Support, and log in to Parchment.

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