Disability Services at Carteret Community College

Disability Services


Procedure for Requesting Accommodations:

·         You, as the student, must identify yourself as disabled by submitting a Request for Accommodations for a Student with a Disability form along with documentation of your diagnosed disability to Rick Hill, Disability Services Counselor.  The Disability Services counselor is located in the Counseling Center, McGee Building, Room 119.  If your clinician requires a signed release form, you can use the Disability Buckley Waiver Form.

·         The Disability Services Counselor will evaluate your request based upon your diagnosis, doctor’s suggestions and the intended program of study, and an appointment will be scheduled to discuss your situation. 

·         If approved for accommodations, you must notify the Disability Services Counselor of your intent to attend the next semester so that you instructors may be informed of your accommodations. 

·         If your request for accommodations is denied, you have the right of appeal as outlined in the College catalog, ……….


Student Rights:

·         Equal access to courses, programs, services, jobs, and activities offered by the College;

·         Equal opportunity to work, learn, and receive reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids and services;

·         Confidentiality of information regarding your disability as applicable laws allow;

·         Information available in accessible formats.



·         What you can request: An accommodation that provides equal access to a program or course that does not give you an unfair advantage over non-disabled students.

·         What you cannot request: An accommodation that compromises the integrity of the program, or unfairly exempts you from a core requirement of the program. For instance, a student with a weight lifting limitation may not be eligible for a lifting exemption in a curriculum like Early Childhood where day care workers by State law must be able to lift 25 pounds. Or, a student may not request an exemption to the attendance requirement in a program like Cosmetology where earning a state license depends on the number of hours spent in class.


Student Responsibilities:

·         You must identify yourself as a disabled student to the Disability Services Counselor by completing the Request for Accommodations for a Student with a Disability form.

·         Make your request for accommodations in a reasonable time prior to the start of the term of enrollment (usually 30 days).

·         Provide documentation of your disability from a qualified professional that reflects your current disability status, and how your disability affects your participation in courses, programs, services, and activities (documents should not be more than 3 years old).

·         Maintain satisfactory academic progress by maintaining a 2.0 grade point average and by successfully completing 67% of all courses attempted.  You will be held to the same academic standards as a non-disabled student.


Assistive Technology at CCC

Dragon Naturally Speaking is available for use at the Carteret Community College Library located on the second floor of the Michael J. Smith Learning Resource Center (the Civic Center). Dragon Naturally Speaking is software that allows the user a hands-free method to create and edit documents, e-mail, fill out forms and streamline workflow.


Printable version of Students Rights and Responsibilities


For more information contact:

Rick Hill, Disability Services Counselor

Counseling Center, McGee Building, Room 119

(252)222-6153 – phone

(252)222-6252 – fax




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