ATTENTION: the English and Reading portion of the NCDAP will be implemented on March 2015.  Please click on the following link to understand the scoring for the new test.  Interpreting Your Test Scores.  Prior to March, the ACCUPLACER Reading and Sentence Skills will be used.


Placement Testing Information 


1.)   Do I need to take the Placement Test? Every student, with a few exemptions, must take the Placement Test as a part of the admissions process.  Students may be tested in writing, reading, math, and computer literacy.  A students program of study, prior coursework, or prior testing will determine which parts of the placement test a student must take.



Placement Tests Needed Based on Program of Study

Placement Test Equivalency Table



·         SAT scores within 5 years that are 500 or higher in the Critical Reading or Writing (or Verbal) for English placement; 500 or higher in the Math sections for math placement

·         ACT scores within 5 years that are 22 or higher in the Reading or 18 or higher in English for English placement, and 22 or higher in the Math sections of the ACT test for math placement.  

·         A grade of "C" or better in a college-level English, math, or computer literacy course is obtained, or

·         A grade of "C" or better in the sequential completion of college prep/developmental coursework is completed.

·         A student who has graduated within the last 5 years meets the requirements for exemption based on Multiple Measures.

    Unweighted GPA = or >2.6

    And Four Eligible Math Courses (see attached list)*

    Student is college ready for any gateway math course and any course that has a DMA prerequisite. Colleges may require students with a GPA <3.0 enrolling in MAT 151, 155, 161, or 171 to take a supplemental math lab as a co-requisite.

    Unweighted GPA = or > 2.6

    Four Eligible Math Courses (see attached list)*

    Student is college ready for any English course up to and including English 111 and any course that has a DRE prerequisite.  Colleges may require students with a GPA < 3.0 enrolling in ENG 110 and ENG 111 to take a supplemental English composition lab as a co-requisite.

    Unweighted GPA<2.6

    College will evaluate subject-area ACT or SAT scores to determine if student is college ready in math and English using the following  scores (based on national and state validation studies):

    English:  ACT Reading 22 OR ACT English 18

                     SAT Writing 500 OR SAT Critical Reading 500

    Math:    ACT Math 22

                    SAT Math 500

    Unweighted GPA <2.6 and subject-area score(s) below college ready

    Student will take subject area State Board approved assessment(s) to determine placement. 

    Students without a recent transcript GPA or without ACT or SAT scores

    Student will take subject-area State Board approved assessment(s) to determine placement

* To be eligible for Multiple Measures for Placement, a high school student must complete four math courses, including Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II (or the Common Core equivalent) and one additional math course. 

 Eligible 4th math courses for Multiple Measures Placement are the following:

High School 4th Math Courses: Advanced Functions and Modeling, Analytical Geometry, Calculus, AP Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Integrated Mathematics IV , Mindset, Pre-Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Trigonometry

Community College 4th Math Courses (Taken in Career & College Promise Pathways):

MAT 143 (Quantitative Literacy), MAT 151 (Statistics I), MAT 152 (Statistical Methods I), MAT 155 (Statistical Analysis), MAT 161 (College Algebra), MAT 162 (College Trigonometry), MAT 165 (Finite Mathematics), MAT 167 (Discrete Mathematics), MAT 171 (Pre-Calculus Algebra), MAT 172 (Pre-Calculus Trigonometry), MAT 175  (Pre-Calculus), MAT 200 or above

2.)  Am I eligible to take the Placement Test?

·         Students wishing to enroll at Carteret Community College must first complete an application for admission to the college before they can take the Placement Test.  A student wishing to attend Carteret Community College cannot test without an application on file.

3.)   How much does it cost to take the Placement Test?

·         The first test is FREE to all applicants.  Retest fees will be applied ($2 for math, $2 for revised editing and reading, $4 for essay)


·         Applicants may not test more than two times in a twelve consecutive-month period


4.)   What should I bring on test day?

·         Students must arrive in Academic Support (McGee Building, Room 102) to check-in 15-20 minutes before the test time.

·         All students testing in Academic Support must be prepared to show a photo ID before taking any test.

·         Testing materials will be provided.


5.)   How can I prepare for the Placement Test?

·         There are many websites that offer free sample tests or free tutorial services to help students prepare for the test.  


NCDAP Study Guide

ACCUPLACER study guide 


Official Study Ap Free at

  • In order to be prepared for the computer literacy test, a student should know how to use a flashdrive, manage files, edit in Microsoft Word, and attach and send files through email using Moodle.


  •    Academic Support offers free test preparation for students. Please contact 252-222-6218 for information regarding a referral or to receive assistance.


  •    Get a good nights sleep, and schedule the test at a time convenient for you (allow 5 hours to complete the test).


  •   The Placement Test is one of the most important tests you will take at Carteret.  The test does not determine if you get into Carteret; however, it does determine if you qualify to take college-level courses or if you will be required to take college-prep (developmental) courses prior to starting your college-level coursework. 


The cost (time and money) of not preparing for the placement test

 Each pre-curriculum review course you place into will cost you extra time and money to complete. While pre-curriculum review courses are very beneficial in developing strong reading, writing, math, and computer skills, these courses do not count towards your programs graduation requirements. Good preparation leads to good results. By spending time preparing for the test, you can save up to $1,500 and over a years worth of coursework!



  6.)  Reserve a seat! Students must reserve a seat by clicking the day of the test desired in the calendars below.  There are only 21 seats per test date.  After the 21st person has signed up, the test date will no longer be available, so sign up as soon as possible.  You can call Academic Support at 252-222-6218 to check for any cancellations.  If the college is ever unexpectantly closed for any reason, including but not limited to inclement weather, the placement test for that day will also be cancelled.





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