Special Credit/Visiting (non-degree seeking)
Student Admissions

Applicants who do not wish to pursue a particular program of study can be admitted as Special Credit/Visiting (non-degree seeking) students. These students will be enrolled for the purpose of gaining special skills or personal enrichment, but do not want to complete a degree, diploma, or certificate.

Examples of a Special Credit/Visiting student status may include, but are not limited to:

  • students who are visiting from another college or university
  • students taking summer courses to transfer back to their primary college or university
  • students taking courses for personal enrichment
  • students taking courses to meet requirements at another college or university
Any person seeking special student status must submit a Carteret Community College Application for Admission but are not required to submit official high school or college transcripts. However, Special Credit/Visiting students are required to show proof they meet all course prerequisites. Most college level courses have a prerequisite minimum reading and writing proficiency, which can be met by either appropriate placement test scores or proof of completion of a college level English course with a "C" grade or better.

Credits earned under the Special Credit/Visiting student classification may be applied toward a degree, diploma, or certificate program at a later date. Please be aware that Special Credit/Visiting student status does not qualify for financial aid or veterans benefits.

Students wishing to change their status from Special Credit/Visiting student to a degree, diploma, or certificate must complete the full admissions process.


For additional information on special credit/visiting student admissions, please contact:

Admissions Office
E-mail: admissions@carteret.edu Phone: (252) 222-6154 or (252) 222-6155

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