Computer Lab Policies and Procedures




Food and Drink


     Students are asked to refrain from bringing food and drink into the Computer Lab.  This is to ensure that all computers are kept as safe from accidental spills and messes as possible.


Courtesy for Others


As this is an Open Lab we ask that all users be considerate of other lab users in the following ways:


·         Cell Phone Use:  Please keep cell phones on silent or vibrate only and step outside the lab for any and all calls.


·         Talking:  Please keep all talking to a minimum and as quiet as possible.


·         Visitors:  Please refrain from having visitors in the lab.


Computer Use


The Lab’s computers are intended for Academic use and for this reason students are asked:


·         Not to Visit Questionable Websites:  Adult / Pornographic websites are not allowed or tolerated.  These types of websites can lead to a permanent loss of lab use.


·         Not to Download or Install Software:  The lab has a large variety of software already installed on its computers.  However, if a student should have need of something we do not have, please inform the Lab Manager or Lab Assistant so we can correct this for you.


·         Not to Change / Tamper with the Computers:  Should a student have any problems with a computer we ask that they inform the Lab Manager or Lab Assistant so we may address and correct them.




All printing done in the Computer Lab costs 10 cents per page printed.  This includes any printing students may be required to do by their Instructors.  The only exception to this rule is for Staff and Faculty.  There are two ways to pay for printing:


·         Print Cards:  If a student expects to return to the lab on a regular basis for printing we ask that they purchase a 1, 2 or 5 dollar print card to allow for faster transactions.


·         Per Page:  Students may also pay for their printing on a 10 cent per page basis.





Logging into the Academic Computer Lab


     Students are required to log into the lab via the Computer Lab Login Portal when they enter the lab to do work.  The Computer Lab Login Portal is located on all machines in the Computer Lab for the users convenience.


Students will use their WebAdvisor username to log in. 


     For assistance with this, please feel free to aske the Lab Manager or Lab Assistant for help.


Saving and Retrieving


     Students are encouraged to save their work often to ensure as little loss as possible in the event of any computer mishaps that may occur.  This can be done on a USB Flash Drive or through the Google Docs section of every students GMail account.  Should any student need assistance in saving any work, please feel free to ask the Lab Manager or Lab Assistant as we are here to help.

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