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Wouldnt it be great to have your own Carteret Community College e-mail for all of your educational and college communication? CCC is pleased to offer student e-mail. Some of the benefits you will receive are:

• Larger file transfers

• Comfort in knowing that all e-mail is analyzed by virus scanning software

• Staff and faculty always have a way to get information to you

• Keeping all of your education correspondence together and organized

• Calendar options appointments, Tasks, and notes either to yourself or other students

• Rules to help you organize your Mailbox, automate your Mailbox while you are away, or delete unwanted items


Login names and passwords will be in the following format: first initial + middle initial + last name. So if my name was John Frank Doe my login name and password would be "jfdoe." My e-mail address would bejfdoe@mailccc.netOur ability to create login names is only as good as the information in our system. If you don’t have a middle name or did not enter it in your college application then your e-mail login and password for the example above would be "jdoe" and your e-mail address would be Your student email password will be the same thing as your user name unless your username is not 8 characters. Google requires eight characters for passwords so for user names with less than 8 characters we add 11111 (five ones) to the end of the password. In my example for instance my password would be jdoe11111.


Start by going to and login with your entire email address.





After successfully logging in you will be brought to a change password screen which will look like the graphic below. You are required to change your password at this point. Type the new password in the two fields and then type the security letters. In this example the security characters are “fleger.” We do not change passwords for email at the end of the semester so your password will be whatever you set it to during the semester.


This is the page that follows a successful first time login. You must agree to the legal part of having a Gmail account and type in the letters in green. Agree to the terms of service by clicking on the “I accept. Create my account.” button.See below:



The next screen will require you to change your password. You enter the current password (that’s the password you entered to log on to your mail account) and then put your password in and re-enter it. Remember it must be at least eight characters

For more information, or questions, on your student e-mail account, please call (252) 222-6196, or e-mail

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