ATTENTION: the English and Reading portion of the NCDAP will be implemented on March 2015.  Please click on the following link to understand the scoring for the new test.  Interpreting Your Test Scores.  Prior to March, the ACCUPLACER Reading and Sentence Skills will be used.


As a part of the admissions process, Academic Support at Carteret Community College (CCC) administers placement testing to determine academic readiness. The placement test results indicate the appropriate level of study for an applicant in reading, writing, math, and computer literacy.  Placement test scores do not measure intelligence or the likelihood of future success.

In most cases associate degree, diploma, or certificate applicants are required to take the placement test. Special credit, non-degree seeking applicants, may be required to test in order to satisfy prerequisite requirements for courses in which they wish to enroll.

There is no testing fee for students who have never tested, or whose scores are more than five years old for math at the time of application nor is there a testing fee when an instructor requests a retest. However, for student initiated retest requests in which scores are considered to be valid, there is a retest fee ($2 math, $2 revised editing and reading, $4 essay). For students testing for another college or university, there is a $5.00 fee.

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