Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a comfortable environment in which students can find assistance with academic and career questions as well as personal counseling services.

All first-time college students are required to make an appointment with the Counseling Center staff to discuss programs of study/major choice, review placement tests, and make initial course selection.

For the entire campus, the Center provides:

·     Academic Advising

·     Career Counseling

·     Personal Counseling

·     Registration assistance for all first-time degree seeking, General Occupational Technology and Special Credit students

·     Assistance in selecting courses for appropriate vocational training

·     Information about transferring to a four-year college or university

·     Training in using the Internet to find resources for career assessment information


Counseling Center Staff  


Brandon Dyer – Counselor/Disability Coordinator/Crisis Intervervention

     Phone:  (252) 222-6237  E-mail:


Rick Hill - Director of Student Success

     Phone: (252) 222-6153    Email:

Mark Johnson - Counselor

     Phone: (252) 222-6148    Email:

Melinda Rouse - Counselor/C-STEP Coordinator/Student Advocate

      Phone: (252) 222-6175    Email:



Admissions & Counseling Center
H.J. McGee, Jr. Building, Lobby
Phone: (252) 222-6060

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