Completion Requirements

Carteret Community College has been approved by the North Carolina Community College System to award an associate degree, a diploma, or a certificate to those who qualify through course work taken at the College.

General Requirements

The student will…

  • Complete all required coursework
  • Earn a 2.0 major GPA both in the program and overall
  • Complete a minimum of 25% of the program of study’s total semester hours

Program Specific Requirements are available in the Academic Information section of the Course Catalog under Graduation Requirements.

Curriculum (College-Level) Completion Process

  1. Print an Academic Evaluation from your WebAdvisor account for each degree, diploma, and certificate for which you are completing in that semester.
  2. Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor for each of the programs you are completing to review and approve your request to complete.
  3. Print and complete the Application for Completion for each degree, diploma, and certificate you will be completing.
  4. Submit all paperwork for each degree, diploma, and certificate to the Registrars Office.
  5. Wait to hear from the Registrars Office via phone regarding when your degree will be available.

Curriculum (College-Level) Graduation Ceremony

***Before being eligible for attending Graduation, student MUST follow the Program Completion Steps. ***

Information will be provided during the spring semester of any year regarding the Graduation ceremony for that academic year.


Cap & Gown Ordering

Caps and gowns can be ordered online through:
Herff Jones  College Graduation Products or
they can also  be ordered at the Graduation Fair.

Backdated Degrees

Backdated degree are provided to previous graduates at a fee of $30 per copy. A backdated degree is any physical copy of a degree that is requested one year or longer after the date of completion. To receive an official copy of a backdated degree please complete the Backdated Degree Application and submit to the Business Office with fees. The degree will be completed at the end of the current semester or upon approval at the specified time agreed upon with the Registrar. Please see the registrar for the application.

Continuing Education Certifications

Contact the Continuing Education Division at 252-222-6200 for information and reprints.

Basic Skills (GED/Adult High School) Graduation

Contact the Basic Skills Department if you are graduating from Adult High School or High School Equivalency (formerly GED). They will provide you with the Basic Skills graduation application. Basic Skills can be reached at (252) 222-6195 or visit them in the Wayne West Building, room 103.