Meet Gary Morgan

Gary is a student who is best described as an inspiration to all who meet him. At times, you may hear beautiful music being played on the piano in Joselyn Hall and see Gary behind the keys. Other times, you may hear him enthusiastically encouraging others on our new sand volleyball court or basketball court. No matter the situation, when you encounter Gary, you will find yourself smiling and enjoying his company.

Gary came to CCC after service in the US Army and immediately became very actively involved in many of the exciting student activities and organizations CCC has to offer. Currently, Gary serves as CCC’s Student Government Association President for the 2018-19 year. In this role, he is a liaison between students and the college’s administration by serving as a spokesperson for the entire student body. Additionally, he plays an instrumental role in organizing and planning various student events, which he encourages all students to attend.

When asked to reflect upon his time at CCC, Gary stated. “Sometimes the experience is painful but trust the process. Getting out of the military and back into college while maintaining a civilian life has been humbling. Here at CCC, please do not hesitate to join programs and activities. It takes taking a step forward to get ahead. Trust that your instructors, staff, and administration have your best interest at heart.”

Below is a listing of student organizations that Gary participates in:

Student Government Association (SGA): President 2018-19
National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS): Success Networking Team Coordinator 2018-2019
Minority Male Success Initiative (MMSI): President 2017-18
National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS): Fundraising Chair 2017-2018

Gary will be receiving his Associate in Arts (college transfer) degree in 2019 and has future plans of starting his own business. To learn more about Gary and the various student organizations he participates in, please don’t hesitate to stop by the Student Government Association office in the Bryant Student Center and introduce yourself. Likewise, the contact information of the faculty and staff advisors for the aforementioned student organizations are listed below:

Student Government Association
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Minority Male Success Initiative: