Where Are They Now

Graduate- Kelley Pippett

Nursing Graduate

This is Kelley’s testimonial to what has been happening since graduating the Associate Degree Nursing program here at Carteret Community College in 2017. Kelley has been employed at The Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.

This is a letter from Kelley to her instructors in the ADN program.
“I am on an acute rehab critical care floor where I am learning so much. Our patients range in age from birth to 21 years old. We have traumatic and non traumatic brain injuries, spinal/orthopedic surgery patients, and renal patients. A lot of our rehab patients are recovering from some sort of a brain injury.

I want to thank every single one of you for all that you have done for me. I have had a few nurses I work with ask me where I worked before and when I tell them that this is my first nursing job they are shocked because of how confident I am on the floor. I know this is because of all the clinicals we had and how much time and effort you all (instructors) put in to get us to a level of a practicing nurse. My preceptor has told me how impressed she is with all my documenting skills and how I am able to balance multiple patients at the same time, I tell her that I was blessed with an amazing nursing school and with amazing instructors.

I am in a group of new nurse grads on my floor and although they all come from a BSN program and I feel that I was more prepared to get onto the floor than they were.Once again thank you all for everything that you did for me, I am so grateful for Carteret’s Nursing program!”

Warm Regards,
Kelley Pippett




Graduate- Ed Keating

College Alumni award Recipient 2017

Ed Keating was in CCC’s very first Advanced Degree Nursing program, graduating in 2007.  He also won our very first college Alumni award in 2017.

Mr. Keating earned his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2014 while working full-time in the Emergency Department at Wake Medical Center.
During the years of 2010 – 2014, Mr. Keating was an integral part of improving the patient flow in the adult emergency department and was nationally recognized for his efforts.  He co-authored a presentation outlining the results of their successful implementation of the “Split-model” method to improve Emergency room patient flow.

In 2015, Mr. Keating was selected to serve as the Manager for the Children’s Emergency Dept at Wake Medical Center. While in that position, he was impacted by the incidence of abuse and sexual exploitation of children and the challenge for health care providers in recognizing the signs and then taking measures to protect those most vulnerable in our population.  As a result, he has authored a number of articles relative to this topic:

Graduate, Ed Keating,First ADN class

*Keating, E., Farmer, J (9/2016) “Shelter From The Storm: Improving Pediatric Behavioral Health Care in an Emergency Setting by Recognizing Basic Human Needs.” Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) National Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

*Keating, E., Farmer, J (9/2016) “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: The Impact of ED Photo-Documentation in Prosecuting Childhood Sexual and Physical Assault.” Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) National Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

*Keating, E (12/2016) “Time is Key: Pediatric Behavior Patients – Improving Care, Safety and Satisfaction” 5th Annual Cone Health Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Symposium, Greensboro

*Keating, E. (4/2015). “Behavioral Holding Patients in the CED: A Basic Human Needs Approach”. Wake AHEC Pediatric Conference, WakeMed Hospital, Raleigh, N.C.