Carteret Community College’s Assessment Plan provides quantitative and qualitative data to support the Institutional Effectiveness Plan, the Strategic Plan, and other institutional evaluation processes.  The following data sources are used to support the college’s ongoing assessment plan:

Teaching and Learning
Student Opinion of Instruction (Fall/Spring)
Curriculum Program Review (every 5 years)
Institutional Effectiveness Reports

College Profile
Fact Book
Annual Review
NCCCS Performance Measures
Student Achievement Data (Year-End Report)

Programs and Services

  • Administrative Program Review
  • Satisfaction Surveys
    • Student Satisfaction Surveys
      • CU (every 2 years)
      • CE (annually)
    • Faculty and Staff Satisfaction Surveys (every 2 years)
    • Program Graduate Surveys (ongoing)
      • Student Satisfaction
      • Employer Satisfaction

Employer Input
Advisory Committee Meetings (annual)
Annual Board of Trustees Retreat
Needs Assessment/SWOT Analysis (new programs)