Program Review

The purpose of Carteret Community College’s Program Review process is to determine the college’s effectiveness in fulfilling its mission, improve the quality of programs and or services offered, and demonstrate strategic planning and evaluation of all areas of the college. Program Review is also used to demonstrate the following for each area of the college:

1. Connection to the college mission, vision, values, and strategic initiatives

2. Institutional effectiveness through

a. A clearly defined purpose (mission)
b. Measurable learning or operational outcomes
c. Means of evaluating the extent to which these outcomes are being achieved
d. Use of evaluation results to improve programs and services

3. Compliance with Principles of Accreditation of the Commission on College of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

4. Peer review and sharing of ideas and information across the college

Advantages to the college:
• Integrates program review into the planning process
• Assures equal treatment of all programs
• Documents program/unit strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement

Annual Program Review and Outcomes Assessment:

Curricular programs develop student learning outcomes and assessment instruments identifying in each course where the outcomes are assessed. Additionally, all non-curricular functional areas of the college develop a minimum of two (2) learning or operational outcomes. Program directors/chairs/coordinators are responsible for regular, on-going assessment and reporting of the learning or operational outcomes in their programmatic area. The annual program review includes an analysis and interpretation of the assessment data to determine how well programs and practices are working to meet their expected outcomes. The resulting information is used to make programmatic improvements.

Comprehensive Program Review (every 5 years):

In addition to the annual program review, every five years each curriculum program area will engage in a self-study which is a more in-depth analysis of each program’s success or challenges. The comprehensive program review includes conclusions on program health based on five years of data, outcomes assessments, advisory committee activities, faculty/staff performance during the period, and curriculum changes. Service areas of the college are assessed every four years to determine if they are meeting the needs of the college and if there are areas that need improvement.

The comprehensive program review reports are submitted to the appropriate Vice President and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Program reports are peer reviewer and presentations are made before the review committee. Results and recommendations are shared with the program director/chair and all action steps are documented. A follow-up report is generated one year later to ensure continuous improvement. A report of finding is made annually to the President’s Cabinet and the Board of Trustees.