Strategic Plan

In 2016, a team consisting of leadership from Instruction and Student Support, Administrative Services, and Corporate & Community Education reviewed the data collected from the 2010-2015 strategic plan and provided an analysis of their respective areas reported in the Strategic Plan 2010-2015. This led to the establishment of a Strategic Planning Committee, led by Dr. Kerry Youngblood to work with Institutional Effectiveness in the planning process.

The Committee requested and received input from more than 200 students, faculty, staff, advisory committee members, members of the Foundation Board of Directors, and the College’s Board of Trustees. A review of the data from the previous strategic plan and the results from institutional surveys by the Strategic Planning Committee were used as a resource and the framework for the development of the College’s long-range goals.

Arranged in themes, these long-range goals provide a foundation and strategic direction for college initiatives and engage all departments within the institution. The three themes for the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan are Support Student Success, Improve Institutional Outreach, and Invest in a Sustainable Future. The Strategic Planning Committee, having reviewed the College’s mission and vision, believes the long-range goals collectively reflect the mission and vision of the College through an emphasis on data-supported decision-making that supports lifelong learning and high quality teaching and training.

Annually, each department identifies action steps, including benchmarks and assessment measures that align with their Unit Goals. Action steps and Unit Goals are prioritized and, where appropriate, associated with the North Carolina Community College System Performance Measures. These priorities are reflected in each department’s annual budget. Assessment results are used to demonstrate continuous improvement and success in supporting the College’s mission and vision.

2017-2020 Strategic Plan