This course covers control circuit troubleshooting to include the testing and adjustment of conventional and electronic thermostats, as well as the operation of common electrical, electronic and pneumatic circuits used to control HVAC systems.

Learn troubleshooting for cooling equipment focusing on analyzing system temps and pressures to isolate faults, reverse cycle heating and the characteristics and applications of pure and blended refrigerants.  Learn operating principles used in comfort a/c and refrigeration, installation and adjustments of fixed and adjustable expansion devices used in a/c equipment, and study the product and process of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems as well as transport refrigeration.

Prerequisite: HVAC I.

Course Fee: $180–Insurance Fee: $0.55–Book Fee: none


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Questions? Contact the Coordinator, Rick McCormac at mccormacr@carteret.edu or 252-222-6203 for more information.