Video Help Tutorials

Video Tutorials

These Tutorials are meant to help both new and continuing students access resources within the Carteret Community College website. Below, you will find a Password Reset video tutorial, as well as a tutorial to download a full version of the Microsoft Office Suite.

Password Reset Tutorial

If you are having a problem with logging into your Student Email, Moodle account, or WebAdvisor account, the video below contains the steps necessary to reset your password. This password reset will change all passwords for the Student Email, Moodle, and WebAdvisor accounts.

Office 365 Download Tutorial

All students at Carteret Community College have access to a full downloadable version of Office 365. This allows access to Office applications which includes the Microsoft Office Suite. Notable applications include:  Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.


If any additional problems occur, or you are unable to access your student accounts, please contact the Carteret Community College IT Department at 252-222-6196.