Online Learning

In an effort to make college possible for all who desire it, Carteret Community College offers many courses online, requiring reduced or no on campus presence for students.
Online courses enable students with families, jobs, and other responsibilities to pursue college credits and degrees, continuing education credits and other lifelong learning opportunities. They include all courses in which students and teachers are in different locations for all or part of the course and have the same admission, registration, attendance, and academic requirements as on-campus classes.

Is Online Learning for You?

Learning online can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, as a student you need to understand that it is different in many respects from traditional face-to-face learning. How you receive and give information, interact with fellow students and instructors, and submit assignments are just a few of the differences.

Online Courses Aren’t for Everyone

A successful online learner has the following characteristics:

  • self-motivated and self-disciplined individual
  • able to work independently with little direction
  • good time-management skills that allow you to schedule specific times throughout a week to work on your online course
  • effectively communicates any questions or concerns to my instructor
  • not a procrastinator. You like to get things done today and not tomorrow
  • will not miss the face-to-face interaction with an instructor and classmates
  • have basic computer skills and can use a web browser, etc.
  • have access to a computer that is connected to the Internet

A typical week for an online student might include:

  • Reading through the current week’s assignments and lecture materials
  • Thoughtfully reading the materials for the class as assigned and identifying main points and supporting details
  • Responding by a deadline to discussion questions as posted by the instructor
  • “Discussing” through a discussion board (by a deadline) the responses of fellow classmates
  • Completing and sending (by a deadline) an assignment to be graded by the instructor
  • Completing an assignment by deadline in a work group comprised of four or five classmates

If you need assistance using Moodle features or a problem with a Moodle feature, contact the DL help desk via phone or email at 252-222-6397 or

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