Associate in Arts
General University Transfer Degree

Representing the Associates in Arts DegreeCarteret Community College offers programs of study in the freshman sophomore year general education. By taking day or night classes, citizens of Carteret County and surrounding areas may complete general education requirements toward a bachelor’s degree by enrolling on a full-time or part-time basis.

The Associate in Arts Degree is part of the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement between the University of North Carolina University System and the North Carolina Community College System. Under this agreement, students who complete the Associate in Arts Degree may transfer to any of the 16 public universities or 22 private universities that comprise the UNC system with junior status. Also, students who complete the 44 semester hour core under the degree will be able to transfer all 44 semester hours to any UNC System university if all course grades earned are “C” or higher, and receive a diploma.

Program Description IS NOT copied from Curriculum Standard

Program Learning Outcomes

P1: Written Communication
Students will demonstrate proficiency in written communication.

P2: Information Literacy
Students will demonstrate proficiency in locating, evaluating and using information effectively.

P3: Critical Thinking
Students will demonstrate proficiency in using critical thinking skills to solve problems.

P4: Oral Communication
Students will demonstrate proficiency in speaking effectively.

P5: Fundamental Mathematics
Students will demonstrate proficiency in mathematical computation.

Program Check Sheet
Admission Requirements


Doree Hill
Dean, Arts and Sciences
CMAST Building, 4th Floor
Phone:  252-222-6282