Information Technology: Healthcare Business Informatics Degree

Representing Human Services ProgramThe Healthcare Business Informatics curriculum prepares individuals for employment as specialists in installation, data management, data archiving/retrieval, system design and support, and computer training for medical information systems. Students learn about the field through multidisciplinary coursework including the study of terminology relating to informatics, systems analysis, networking technology, computer/network security, data warehousing, archiving and retrieval of information, and healthcare computer infrastructure support. Graduates should qualify for employment as database/data warehouse analysts, technical support professionals, informatics technology professionals, systems analysts, networking and security technicians, and computer maintenance professionals in the healthcare field.

Program Learning Outcomes

P1: Administrative and Support
Students will be able to explain the administrative and support functions applicable in medical environments.
P2:Return on Investment
Students will be able to identify the financial impact of Electronic Health Records.
P3: : Personal Health Record
Students will be able to define personal health record and identify their functionality.

Program Check Sheet
Admission Requirements


Patrick Dineley, Chair
(252) 222-6183
Wayne West Building, Room 302