Student Clubs & Organizations

Cosmetology Club- exists to expose students to advanced education and knowledge in the cosmetic art field.  This club annually attends hair shows and conferences for the sake of exploring the latest trends and techniques in the field.
For more information, contact the advisor, Elissia Canada, at 252-222-6185 or

Computer Club – seeks to serve CCC students with minor computer repair.  This club exists to give students experience in repairing and working with computers as well as understanding  the basics of computer service.
For more information, contact the advisor, Ken Martin, at 252-222-6343 or

Human Services Club – Formed in the fall of 2015 , this club exists so that students can get experience in the human services field. The club also strives to bring awareness to CCC students about local needs and issues related to the human services field. Club members embody the slogan, “Service to Humanity is the Best Work of Life.”
For more information, contact the advisor, Kathy Foster at  252-222-6287 or

Medical Assisting Club –goals are to promote an awareness of the role of the Medical Assistant and increase the awareness of the expanding field of medical assisting.  The Medical Assisting  Club is designed for current medical assisting students as well as pre-medical assisting students.
For more information, contact the advisor, Vonda Godette, at 252-222-6168 or

Minority Mentoring Milestones –seeks to create community among minority students for their personal, professional and academic success.  This club seeks to support students in their pursuit of their own personal goals by hosting guest  speakers at their meetings, discussions and workshops.  This club also seeks to annually attend events or conferences that help mentor and support its members. Learn more about M3
For more information, contact Student Life Coordinator, Gabriel Raynor at 252-222-6253 or

Radiography Club – provides an organizational structure within which the Radiography students may work together towards common professional goals.
For more information,  contact the advisor, Elaine Postawa, at 252- 222-6165 or

Respiratory Care Club – builds unity among the students so that they can become more team-oriented to obtain their professional goals. Students learn organizational skills through various activities and the importance of professional activities such as conferences and belonging to a professional organization.
For more information, contact the advisor, Trisha Miller, at 252- 222-6169 or

Skills USA – is a national organization of secondary and postsecondary students preparing for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations. SkillsUSA members compete against other community colleges in occupational skill events.
For more information, contact the advisor, Bena Weires, at 252-222-6156 or

Students for Christ – exists to encourage fellowship and community with other like-minded students on campus centered in our Christian faith .  Through discipleship, devotions, and student activities we encourage students to participate and fellowship together sharing their faith and lives with one another!
For more information, contact the advisor, Johnny Underwood, at 252-222-6387 or

Honor Societies

National Society of Leadership and Success –  is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation’s leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed.
For more information, contact the advisor, James Blalock, at 252-222-6277 or

Phi Theta Kappa – Beta Delta Pi Chapter – promotes scholarship, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students.
For more information, contact the advisor, Jennifer Fox, at 252- 222-6152 or

Sigma Kappa Delta – Formed in 2005, this English honor society encourages academic achievements in English and literature.
For more information, contact the advisor, Michael Bowen, at 252-222-6232 or

Organizations & Programs

Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program (C-STEP) – is a program for talented, hard-working students from modest-income homes who are guaranteed admission to UNC Chapel Hill two years prior to matriculation.  While at the community college, C-STEP provides them with intensive advising along with special monthly activities including overnight trips to Carolina, visits from UNC advisors, career counselors, and financial aid, performing arts and sporting events, and team-building and leadership activities.
For more information, visit C-STEP web page  and contact for more information Clayton Bochnovic, at 252- 222-6021 or

Student Government Association (SGA) is “your voice” and “your advocate.” It consists of the Executive Board and the Student Senate who meet twice each month. Every activity fee-paying student is a member of the SGA and represented by a voting senator from each curriculum area or a representative from each student organization, and two ex-officio members from the Basic Skills programs.  SGA offers members the opportunity to build leadership and communication skills, to learn work-related responsibilities, and to create an efficient/effective office environment. SGA members participate in community and student service programs, SGA conference meetings, intercollegiate contests, student activities, socials, and public speaking events.
For more information, see the SGA web page, call 252.222.6269 or  You can also contact the  Student Life Coordinator, Gabriel Raynor, at 252.222.6253 or

TRiO Student Support Services – creates an academically-focused environment providing academic coaching, tutorial services, career and transfer exploration, study room support, and referrals to other services. Located in room 223 of McGee Building, TRiO’s goal is to provide the motivation and support to assist each student to reach his/her goal through overcoming academic and financial barriers to higher education. For more information, see the TRiO website or contact Donna Wolff, TRiO Director, at 252-222-6239 or

Veteran Support Program –provides guidance and support necessary for a successful transition and enriched educational experience for all military-affiliated students at CCC. The program seeks to provide awareness of veteran  benefits and available resources.  For more information, contact the Student Life Coordinator at 252-222-6253 or


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